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A picture is worth a thousand words. And so, over a period of time I have been pinning images from this blog on a dedicated board on Pinterest. I have other boards too. But Guns to Gewürztraminer  is special-  because the images lead you to the respective blog posts. I thought, why not share it as a blog post itself as a collage? So a little bit of tweaking here and  there, and I have this colourful post from the most charming moments of the blog.  The best part is, that as I keep pinning from subsequent blog posts, the collage below will keep updating dynamically, thus remaining fresh forever.

Hope you will enjoy it.

Do share your feedback on this thought.


(P.S. The collage will take a few seconds to load due to rendering of images from Pinterest so I will request you to bear with me a little before hitting the back button.)

If the collage does not load, you can click  on the link below to instantly access the board on Pinterest:


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Col Joe
wirtten by: Col Joe
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