Product, Bar and Restaurant Reviews

Submitting Product Samples for Review

I do accept beverage samples, both alcoholic and non alcoholic, as well as books and accessories related to them.If you are interested in having your beverages or related-products reviewed by me, please send an email to me with the following details:

  • Brief details of each product.
  • Softcopy of Technical Sheet if available.
  • Approximate retail price or ex-cellar’s price.
  • A list of distributors and states where your product is currently available.

Your email will be responded-to via e-mail within 72 hours, to provide an address for shipping and other relevant instructions.

Review Policy

I like to tell readers about products likely to bring value to them. While I appreciate all samples sent for review, I do not guarantee that they will feature in Guns 2 Gewürztraminer unless I find them special. I can promise you though, that I will taste all beverages or test all products received, and provide feedback, if requested, even if a review does not appear on Guns 2 Gewürztraminer.

Bar/Restaurant Reviews

I do review bar and restaurants that have a significant beverages portfolio. However, I do not review  restaurants solely for cuisine, in deference to the beverages focus of Guns to Gewürztraminer . If you would like me to review your outlet, please feel free to send me a brief along with the associated food and drink menus. I will revert to you within 72 hrs to finalize a date of convenience.