Malbec World Day 2018 Celebrated in India

What’s in a day? One may wonder, given the ever-increasing trend of associating specific days with events, objects, relations and more.

A recent event evoking a similar thought was the Malbec World Day, which was celebrated in New Delhi at the Argentine Ambassador’s residence.

Whither Malbec World Day?

Celebrated every 17th April, Malbec World Day commemorates a landmark event in Argentine wine. It was on 17 April 1853, when Argentine President Domingo Faustino Sarmiento officially accomplished his mission to transform the Argentine wine industry. On that day, he entrusted French soil expert Michel Aimé Pouget with the task of bringing over new vines and creating the first Quinta Agronómica (School of Agronomy) in the country.

Malbec was one of the prominent grape varietals selected by Pouget to cultivate in Argentina. The rest as we know is history, with the varietal today being Argentina’s most representative grape.  Many would know that Malbec comes originally from Cahors in South West France until the phylloxera epidemic necessitated uprooting its vines. See video below to know more about Malbec and its significance to Argentina.

Malbec Taste Profile

Malbec’s main traits are unmistakable. It is a juicy, fruity wine, with medium to full body. Sweet tannins tone down its intensity and its velvety texture makes for a smooth, satisfying finish. Although Malbec wines are characterised by their well-rounded body, Argentina’s varied climate has allowed for subtle but marked variations appealing to individual tastes.

Malbec World Day 2018 Celebrations at New Delhi

H.E. Daniel Chuburu, the newly arrived Ambassador of Argentina to India and his wife Carola Chuburu welcomed a select gathering of wine lovers and journalists at his residence in the upscale diplomatic enclave of the Indian capital. It was only a coincidence that the Ambassador had presented his credentials to the President of India on that very day!

The wines at the event included popular Malbecs that have been in India for some time now. Norton Reserve and Trapiche were some of the labels in this category. Then there were some soon to arrive wines like Trivento and Trivento Tribu, that are about to arrive in India as informed by their importers present at the tasting.

Yet many other wines from the embassy’s private cellars offered the guests a wide spectrum of flavours of Malbec wines displaying the diversity of the Argentine terroir.

Emphasizing well, the spirit of Malbec World Day.

Malbec World Day 2018, New Delhi


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