Introducing vino india- news, views and reviews from the market for wine in India

dsc_0153One fine day  in  2010 when I was still in my Army uniform, I received an e- mail from Wine and Spirit education Trust, London. The mail communicated that I was being considered for the Champagne Scholarship courtesy my distinguished performance in their curriculum; and that  I would be interviewed by the ambassador of Champagne in India to take the process forward.

My excitement was but naturally, a foregone conclusion. The first question that came to my mind was- “Who was the ambassador of Champagne in India and what possibly would he speak to me about?” Ringing up a couple of friends in the wine industry I was updated that  the ambassador of Champagne in India was a certain Mr. Rajiv Singhal, a pioneering personality in the Indian wine scenario. None of my friends however, had an inkling of what could be the interview like.

Circa 2015 and as if steered by destiny, I have teamed up with the same gentleman i.e. Mr Rajiv Singhal,  to launch  vino india– a new initiative in the Indian wine space. Much wine has obviously flown through the barrels ever since I received that  coveted interview call.  It is  therefore incumbent upon me to share this news with the esteemed readers of Guns to Gewürztraminer –  my  raison d’être in the  vinous cyber space .


So what is vino india ?

Vino india is an e-newsletter that has been founded to create a digital experience for trade professionals as well as consumers – both in India and overseas. It aims to provide updates from the Indian wine scenario in an unbiased manner while shunning ‘patronage’ driven content.

My role in vino india?

I am the Managing Editor of vino india. Rajiv is the Chief Executive. But more importantly we are partners in wine passion, with our individual capabilities harnessed for the wine cause.

The relation between Guns to Gewürztraminer and vino india

First the differences between the two.  The former is a blog while the latter is a newsletter. The former is an individual sharing of wine passion while the latter has- as the tagline says-  news, views and reviews from the market for wine in India.

As individual entities Guns to Gewürztraminer and vino india are unrelated in purpose and function. But by virtue of my being the Managing Editor, there will be some content from vino india authored by me, that I would like the readers of Guns to Gewürztraminer not to miss out on .  Such shared posts will be acknowledged  with a simple statement in italicised blue colour as “Published in vino india” towards the end of the respective posts.

I am sure this would give you a fair idea on vino india . If interested in knowing more, do take some time off to visit where you will also find the inaugural issue. Subscription to vino india is monetarily free . So do also bless it by subscribing if you like what you see.

Santé, Salud and Cheers!

Col Joe
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