Guns2Gewurztraminer- Why the unusual Title?

The Beginning

Scandalising tagline  apart, the transition is for real. An itch that  existed  for umpteen years finally got the better of me and I could not help but dive head-on into the world of Wines and Spirits- inarguably a drastic change from handling Guns to Wine Bottles.


So when I launched my personal website ( on Wine and Spirits (W&S) towards the end of 2011, there were mixed reactions. Some of my friends found it to be a good start, some offered me constructive criticism on the deficiencies and bugs and still others got worried for me for abandoning my secure job and engaging in a seemingly superfluous pursuit in the context of my other professional skills. Further, my accomplished friends  in the W&S trade adviced me to focus either on Wine OR Spirits so as not to confuse the prospective readers.

Duly respecting their well meaning practical advice , and yet still listening to my inner voice, I consciously decided that though I may dwell deeper into wines, content on other alcoholic beverages will also form part of  these annals – as variety sparks interest and chases away the humdrum.

Guns- Understood, but why Gewurz ?

Frankly, Gewürztraminer rhymes well with Guns- hence the name. However, more logically, Gewürztraminer is a grape variety that quite famously suits the Asian palate due to its spicy and tropical fruits orientation. I suppose that gives me enough reason to make it a mascot of my passion of wine and spirits.

What is  Guns2Gewurztraminer about?

You can expect here, some practical and passionate discussions on W&S with a ‘no holds barred’ approach, leaving aside the jargon, pretentiousness, snobbery or any false facades- together, hand in hand and on back-slapping terms. Enjoyment being ours for times to come….

Col Joe
wirtten by: Col Joe
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